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Second Branch

In 2020 I started making playable cards for use in a popular fantasy trading card game. What started out as a portfolio exercise has grown organically into an avenue of my work in which I can engage with some of my keenest interests - fantasy, folklore, and medieval history. The name Second Branch comes from The Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh myths and a constant source of inspiration, in which the chapters are separated into Branches. This is another chapter or 'branch' of my work.  

The current product range includes t shirts, prints, over 30 individual cards, tabletop gaming matts, and stickers... with plenty more designed and awaiting producction.

tee pic.jpg
natural cat.jpg
cat t shirt willem hampson.jpg

T shirts


Second Branch T shirt
second branch horses copy.png
The Shill - etching - Willem Hampson.jpg
crow in frame.jpg


sticker pic 7.jpg
sticker pic 6.jpg
sticker pic 5.jpg
playmat clean.jpg


playmat pic 2.jpg

Cards (what started it all)

Physical Copies.jpg
borderless boys.jpg
The Monarch.jpg
artefact triple.jpg

Where possible I try print as much of my own work as I can

card back.jpg

More in my Etsy shop if you wish to take a look:

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