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Hello Shake!


As my portfolio doesn't necessarily show off my physical wares I thought I would make a page to exhibit them, so please scroll for the kinds of things you might see were I to be granted a Shake stall. Thanks :)

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horses on t.png
second branch horses copy.png

T-shirts and other garments, several more in the works...

horses hoodie.png
playmat clean.jpg
The Monarch.jpg
artefact triple.jpg

Custom trading cards for all the Magic: The Gathering players out there...

borderless boys.jpg
Physical Copies.jpg

More in my Etsy shop if you wish to take a look:

playmat pic 2.jpg

Custom playmats to play those cards on (doubles up as large mousemat for the computer gamers)

space 2.jpg
sky 2.jpg

Giclee Prints...

The Shill - etching - Willem Hampson.jpg
bathroom crow.jpg
drypoint aluminium plate etching.jpg
mono print.jpg



Wood Cuts...

cyontype typtic.jpg

... maybe even a cyanotype.


Original art...

life drawing march 2021.jpg
highgate house.jpg

... including stills from your favourite films and tv shows.

All this and more!

Thanks for taking a look through my work, many of these images are part of ongoing projects so are likely to expand between now and March.